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Condolences to the #world_environmental_community because of the loss of one of the most influential persons in this field, Ms. #Laleh_Daraie, (formerly) the national coordinator of the GEF Small Grants Program at UNDP in Iran


Click to watch the videos of our recent project concerning establishment of the Persian Leopard National Monitoring Scheme

Our recent publication in 2020 (Click to Download the Book Chapters)                                                                                                                                                                                      Unveiling the Persian leopard stamp during the opening ceremony of the 3rd courses of the Persian Leopard Regional Workshops, Tehran, Iran       



An achievement of ALSS new Community Based Program related to the project for Establishment of the Persian Leopard National Monitoring Scheme:  

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Third courses of the Persian Leopard Regional Workshops (2019-2020):

A fast motion video for the opening ceremony

The injured leopard of Gilan province of northern Iran, called Arezoo by the wildlife activists, after the name of Arezoo Sanei (Executive Director of ALSS) because of efforts to rescue the cat from misdiagnosis of the veterinarian in charge leading the cat to euthanasia, released back to the wild today after complete recovery. // Video: Gilan provincial DoE // Relative news:

Visits to the leopard habitats in Lorestan province together with provincial DoE General Director, wildlife wardens and provincial DoE staff to launch a new participatory project on the Persian leopard in Zagros mountainous region


Acknowledging the executive director of the Asian Leopard Specialist Society because of

developing the innovative Persian Leopard National Insurance Program in Iran


Dashtestan Persian Leopard Project

Camera Trapping Summary Video

Dr. Taghi Ebtekar 2016 award has been dedicated to the executive director of the Asian Leopard Specialist Society because of years of research and awareness raising activities for the Persian leopard in Iran

Opening ceremony for the Persian leopard pilot conservation program in Dashtestan Township, Boushehr province - Photo: A. Feizollahi, October 2015

Happy Nowruz 1394 to all who celebrate it as the new year event

In this year, we will dedicate our activities specifically to the "Research & Empowerment" concerning the Persian leopards in Iran

 Second Course of the Persian Leopard Regional Workshops -  2014

Watch Opening Ceremony Clip

Video of a leopard in Golestan NP, Iran

Credit: S. Roshanian 2013

AlSS activities in the New Year 1393 is dedicated to the “Participatory Conservation” to save the Persian Leopard in Iran

Happy Nowruz

A Malaysian Leopard

Special issue dedicated to the Persian and Malayan leopards, Asia Life Sciences, 2011

  Front cover: Malaysian leopard (Panthera pardus delacouri), Photo: Arezoo Sanei

 Contents of the issue:

- Introductory article: Zakaria M. and Sanei A. 2011. Conservation and management prospects of the Persian and Malayan leopards. Asia Life Sciences Supplment 7: 1-5
- Sanei A. and Zakaria M. 2011. Distribution pattern of the Persian leopard (Panthera pardus saxicolor) in Iran. Asia Life Sciences Supplement 7: 7-18.
- Sanei A., Zakaria M. and Hermidas Sh. 2011. Prey composition in the Persian leopard distribution range in Iran. Asia Life Sciences Supplement 7: 19-30.
- Sanei A. and Zakaria M. 2011. Survival of the Persian leopard (Panthera pardus saxicolor) in Iran: primary threats and human-leopard conflicts. Asia Life Sciences Supplement 7: 31-39.
- Sanei, A. and Zakaria, M. 2011. Occupancy status of leopard prey species in a disturbed fragmented forest in Selangor, Malaysia. Asia Life Sciences. Supl. 7: 41-55.
- Sanei, A. and Zakaria, M. 2011. Impacts of human disturbances on the habitat use by the Malayan leopard in a fragmented secondary forest, Malaysia. Asia Life Sciences. Supl. 7.
Full articles are available from the following links:

Persian leopard articles

Malaysian leopard articles

During our recent project in Iran, we embarked on identifying persons from local communities mostly from livestock-leopard conflict areas who take a part in conserving this species. Earlier we had acknowledged a person from Rashvanlou village because of saving a leopard while he was injured. Mr. Azimi from North Khorasan province, Mr. Ansari from Qazvin province, Mr. Zahedi from Boushehr province and Mr. Gol Mohammadi from Golestan province were invited to our regional Persian leopard workshops and acknowledged by director general of the Provincial DoE offices of North Khorasan, West Azarbaijan, Boushehr and Golestan provinces as well as Asian Leopard Specialist Society. Two other persons including Dr. Masoud Shakiba and a senior ranger from Marakan P.A., one of the few remaining leopard habitats in West Azarbaijan province, were acknowledged because of their attempts for the Persian leopards during the last years. We believe there are many more people in local communities who really care about this species in their surroundings and their efforts to save wildlife species in their region should be acknowledged. We have great feed backs from local communities in some of these regions after appreciation ceremonies. This was done during our recent project in co-operation with DoE provincial offices of mentioned provinces as well as SGP. The true idea of acknowledging local communities during the workshops was first mentioned by Mr. B. Jafaari, wildlife expert of North Khorasan DoE. We must thank everyone involved in this work.

A Famer Who Saved A Persian Leopard In North East Of Iran (Watch Movie)

Persian leopard conservation in Iran: regional workshops

Project Title: Leopard distribution in North-Eastern Iran in relation to escalating human pressures and prey resources



Photo Story- ALSS Persian Leopard Project-2011/2012

Watch Persian leopards and their coexisted species in Northeastern Iran video captured in our recent surveys

Title: Assessment of the Persian leopard conservation priorities: habitat suitability and local communities' awareness raising programs (Phase 1: Persian leopard regional workshops)


Assessment of the Persian leopard status in Iran-2002 to 2006


We Won 2021 Facilitation Impact Award

See our recent project photo story

   A Persian Leopard Book (NEW )

- Sanei A. Research and Management Practices for Conservation of the Persian Leopard in Iran. Springer, Cham.

General Overview to the Research Programs in Part I

- A King for the Mountainous Landscapes: An Overview to-  the Cultural Significance and Conservation Requirements of the Persian Leopard in Iran 

Novel Regional Classification of Natural and Socioeconomic Characteristics for the Persian Leopard Research and Conservation Programs 

Countrywide Distribution Modelling of the Persian Leopard Potential Habitats on a Regional Basis in Iran 

Ground Validation of the Persian Leopard MaxEnt Potential Distribution Models: An Evaluation to Three Threshold Rules

-An Innovative Approach for Modeling Cumulative Effect of Variations in the Land Use/Land Cover Factors on Regional Persistence of the Persian Leopard 

-An Overview to the Persian Leopard Trans-boundary Habitats in the Iranian Sector of the Caucasus Ecoregion 

-Introduction to the Persian Leopard National Conservation and Management Action Plan in Iran 

-A Contingent Valuation Practice with Respect to Wildlife Trafficking Law Enforcement in Iran-Case Study: Panthera pardus saxicolor 

 -An Innovative National Insurance Model to Mitigate the Livestock–Leopard Conflicts in Iran


Download "Recent Distribution and Status Assessment of the Persian Leopard in Iran" 

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