Persian Leopard Regional Workshops

Third Courses of the Persian Leopard Regional Workshops (2019-2020)

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Concerning absolute needs about specialized instructive and educational courses for various target groups associated with leopard research and conservation in Iran, we have developed an innovative program being conducted regularly since 2012 in a regional context.

We divided all the provinces across the country to 5 main regions. We assess educational needs regularly (including both practical and theoretical topics) and plan for the next Persian Leopard Regional Workshops accordingly. So far, we have conducted 2 series of the Regional Workshops in 2012-2014 and 2014-2016 consisted of a total of 19 separate workshops across the country.


Currently we have completed our new need assessments and  we are planning for the Third series of the Persian Leopard Regional Workshops in 2017.


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We Won 2021 Facilitation Impact Award

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   A Persian Leopard Book (NEW )

- Sanei A. Research and Management Practices for Conservation of the Persian Leopard in Iran. Springer, Cham.

General Overview to the Research Programs in Part I

- A King for the Mountainous Landscapes: An Overview to-  the Cultural Significance and Conservation Requirements of the Persian Leopard in Iran 

Novel Regional Classification of Natural and Socioeconomic Characteristics for the Persian Leopard Research and Conservation Programs 

Countrywide Distribution Modelling of the Persian Leopard Potential Habitats on a Regional Basis in Iran 

Ground Validation of the Persian Leopard MaxEnt Potential Distribution Models: An Evaluation to Three Threshold Rules

-An Innovative Approach for Modeling Cumulative Effect of Variations in the Land Use/Land Cover Factors on Regional Persistence of the Persian Leopard 

-An Overview to the Persian Leopard Trans-boundary Habitats in the Iranian Sector of the Caucasus Ecoregion 

-Introduction to the Persian Leopard National Conservation and Management Action Plan in Iran 

-A Contingent Valuation Practice with Respect to Wildlife Trafficking Law Enforcement in Iran-Case Study: Panthera pardus saxicolor 

 -An Innovative National Insurance Model to Mitigate the Livestock–Leopard Conflicts in Iran


Download "Recent Distribution and Status Assessment of the Persian Leopard in Iran" 

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